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It's been almost two decades since Juan Ahumada had the possibility to buy an old bus and start working from the Alameda Terminal in Santiago.

During those years, the antiquity requirements for the intercity buses were less rigid than right now, that's the main reason why, after a few months moving passengers from Santiago to Coelemu, both father and sons decided to dedicate their complete time to the business of moving passengers. During the following months, they acquired more used buses and increased their coverage reaching the routes Santiago-Temuco and Santiago-Concepción.

Currently, almost all the family members are part of the business and the fact that Juan Ahumada father, Juan Ahumada son and his brother Mario also work as drivers in the services, allows them to manage better the business and understand all the qualities of the routes, as well as the passengers expectations and thoughts.




Address: Comandante Chacón 6156, Santiago, Metropolitan Region

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